About us


Prototypo, innovative start-up, was born to transform ideas into prototype and to set up companies during production phase Prototypo team has grown up a long and proven experience in high-tech fields such as aerospace, aeronautic, military and railway. This experiences allow Prototypo to support the customer during the technology transfer processes, in terms of methodologies, materials and industrial processes. This knowledge is well elaborated and innovative in fields of composite materials, acoustics, thermal and energy saving.


Idea is the basis of our work. Prototypo team is therefore ready and able to fulfill the customers’ needs through/throughout research, development, prototyping, support to obtain the patent, engineering for production of products and innovative high-tech services, with the fundamental ability to improve acoustic, thermal and energy saving performances. Prototypo is therefore able to realize prototypes of products or systems of composite material or innovative through 3d printing, vacuum bag, fiberplacing. -Prototypo results to be the ideal partner to participate in national, regional and European structural funds.


The ideas take shape in our prototyping laboratory, thanks to our experience and the cooperation of our partners in advanced technologies and materials, research and development, realization of prototypes and engineered to be industrialized and commercialized.

Seed Money

Design and realization of eco-friendly prototypes for acoustics mitigation in environment with high performances of acoustics, mechanical and fire resistance. The panels are realized with composite material taking advantage of modern technologies of 3d printing and aeronautic field transferred to the civil sector without renouncing design and keeping the high-end mechanical-physical performances. From research to development of this acoustic panels according to “Helmotz resonance” technology, it has been developed and patent the first acoustic table for acoustics correction of internal environments.   Operative program 2014-2020 FESR Target «Investments to favor the grown and employment» 2 «Increase the competitiveness of PMI» 2.1.1 «Support interventions for the establish of new companies through direct incentive, services offer and microfinance interventions» – Supporting the set up of business initiative through seedmoney. Financed amount: 70.000€


Prototypo, through its team, takes care of supporting its customer for:

  • Activity of research and development for innovative products and materials with acoustics performance and advanced techniques;
  • Attendance in projects of regional, national and European research;
  • Feasibility studies for projects of research and development;
  • Prototyping for activities of research and development, through 3d printing and fiberplacing;
  • Engineering of products for the production phase.


Via Zeni Fortunato 8 - 38068 - Rovereto (TN)  Italy - P. IVA 02482110224

Email: info@prototyposrl.it